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FTCI Winter Meeting is  January 3, 2021 at Springfield.



The Honor Roll was designed to recognize members for meritorious service to the FTCI or to the sport of field trialing in the State of Illinois.  Individuals being considered for election may be nominated by any member of delegate of FTCI.  Written nominations are presented to the board of directors for voting at a meeting.  Only one individual may receive this honor in any given year.





1966        Dr H T Clarno (d)

1967        Dr Fred Z White MD

1968        J A Potenziani (d)

1970        Ray Barto (d)

1972        Dr George E Oehler (d)

1973        Eugene Brown (d)

1974        L C Edwards

1978        James D Underwood

1981        Dr J M Sellett

1982        T R Miller (d)

1983        Pat Schimpf

1986        Willis Niellsen (d)

1987        Dr George Ihrke

1989        Glenn Poor(d)

1990        Jim Weitkamp

1991        E L Walters

1993        Jim Leitner

1995        Randy Selleck (d)

1999        Dennis Spada

2000        Neveta Salmons

2005         Terry Trzcinski

2007        Mary Jo Trimble

2008        Pat Sheehan

2010        Mark Johnson

2013        Terry Musser

2014        Rich Hannaway

2015        Bill  Sowle

2016        Ed Graves

2016       Judy Graves

2018        Dr. Bill Roe

2018        Cha Hill

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