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SUMMER Meeting - Jacksonville July 13, 2019;



Highlights of the winter meeting:

The Board was given the okay to move forward with the memorandum of understanding for the building project at JEPC.  New bids will be sought for materials.  Most everyone present felt we needed to move forward to accomplish this goal.  Our next procedure will be to raise funds to pay for this project.  While we have some in our grounds fund we will need a great deal more to actually construct this building.

We need to work carefully with the IDNR.  Many locations have new Site Managers and we need to work with them and their staff and build good relations.  A meeting will be planned with whomever the new IDNR director will be regarding FTCI and field trials.

Mary Jo made a report on  legislative issues,.

Members made reports on the IDNR sites we use and the condition of the grounds.  The same was done with the various Championships conducted in Illinois.

We talked quite a bit about field trial etiquette and usage of the grounds.  We need to cooperate with not only the Site Manager and his staff but also be aware of  other users of the site.  We need to set an example of good sportsmanship and leave the sites as clear or cleaner than when we arrived.

A discussion of the loss of member clubs and membership in general ensued.  Clubs are having difficulties in maintaining entries and as a result many trials have been cancelled due to the lack of them.  The brochure made a few years back needs to be distributed to all hunt clubs in Illinois or anywhere else we think the word could get out.

We accepted the application from the Southern Illinois Sparta Beagle Club for membership.

We discussed the building project regarding dimensions and will address these issues when we re-seek bids for this project.  Suggestions were made to seek funds.

Dates for the summer meeting were discussed in the general meeting  In the board meeting it was decided to leave them the same.

We determined to have a new trophy supplier for the summer meeting.

A legislative action committee was named:  Chair:  Chad Chadwell   Members:  Mary Jo Trimble, John Hott, Mark Johnson.

Appointed Associate Directors whose term will expire in 2022:  Ed Janulis, Donna Janulis, Matt Collins, Rodger Fiorito, John Hott and Aaron McAfee.

The Christmas ad in the American Field was discussed.  The format should be changed and determine costs.

Raffles were won by a variety of members.